Welcome Salon Chic
Welcome                Salon Chic

We have the greatest group of girls here at Salon Chic! We have all worked together for many many years and all get along so well! It makes for a great working enviroment as well as a smooth running Salon! Each Stylist is can be reached individual for Appointments at the numbers below!



Suzette Foy             760-822-0225 


Denise Attkisson       760-716-0343


Michele Orlando        760-822-8242


Vicki Monteith          760-470-9506


Julie Campbell           760-420-2738


Amy  Sharpless          760-623-5590

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Salon Chic
130 Eucalyptus Ave

Vista Ca 92084

Phone: 760-941-0330


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130 Eucalyptus Avenue, Vista California 92084